Bujinkan Nottingham FAQ

Will I be expected to buy an outfit right away?
Normally, for the first few classses you can wear loose, comfortable clothing. Generally speaking you shouldn't be buying a training outfit (gi) for the first 4-6 weeks as you are still settling in. However there is nothing to stop you buying an outfit earlier to get more out of the art.
Be wary of clubs or dojos that expect you to buy a club t-shirt and won't let you train in anything else.
What footwear may I wear?
All training is conducted in either bare foot, in socks or in tabi (traditional Japanese footwear).
Is there a minimum age to attend a class?
This is specific to each dojo. Some dojos offer classes for children aged 8 or over, some to over 16s. Our dojo only accepts members aged 18 and over.
Do I have to be physically fit? Should I already be attending fitness classes?
It helps if you are in good health but regular attendance to a class will improve your overall fitness. However, training alone won't get you fit. A good diet, plenty of water and avoiding excessive smoking or alcohol will help too. If you have any concerns, please consult your Doctor before attending any classes.
If you are concerned about your fitness from a general viewpoint, consider spending some time looking at your diet. Try keeping a food and exercise diary and consider speaking to a health professional. They will help you set realistic diet and fitness goals.
Am I too old?
As the current head is over 80 then perhaps not. However, ours is a physical system so there will be certain areas of training that will not be suitable for certain age groups (such as breakfalls). In these cases it is recommended that you consult your doctor and/or accept that some aspects of the class may not be for you. However, you can still take part and gain much from training.
How much does training cost?
Training currently costs £5 per lesson with a yearly membership of 2,000Yen to Japan. Membership to Japan is compulsory.
Do you cater for women?
Women are welcome to all of our classes and we have a number of female members. However, all classes are mixed.
Are there books or videos available?
There are a large number of books and videos available but your money is better spent training.